Las Vegas offers visitors plenty of activities, from gazing upon the Sphinx at Luxor and taking pictures with Leo, the MGM lion. Or take a hot air balloon ride or visit Valley of Fire State Park which features unique rock shapes ranging from beehives to elephants.

Stratosphere Tower

Experience Las Vegas like never before from above or dare your nerves with its sky-high rides at The Strat hotel and casino, one of the city’s most unique experiences. Use a supermarket walk-in cooler as a portal into another dimension; drink moonshine from its first courthouse basement; sing along to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” with an animatronic tropical bird; use its portals as portals into other dimensions!

Check out one of many shows like Michael Jackson tribute act “MJ Live”, Banachek’s Mind Games or REMIX Lounge where craft cocktails can be enjoyed while dancing to DJ music.

The Strat offers breathtaking views from its observation deck, as well as thrilling rides like Big Shot (shooting you 160 feet into the air) and X-Scream (where your car appears as though it might tip over an edge).

High Roller

No visit to Vegas would be complete without taking a stroll down the Strip, where you’ll discover everything from flamboyant casinos and world-class shows, to spectacular observations wheels like the High Roller providing amazing views over the city.

Experience different aspects of city life each time with this impressive Ferris wheel ride, whether daytime or nighttime! Choose a nighttime ride for stunning views over The Strip and skyline, while VIP seats provide even more special treatment with in-cabin refreshments included in their ride experience.

At The LINQ, this impressive Ferris wheel can be found among restaurants, bars, shops and other entertainment. Make sure to visit the outdoor Neon Museum and Container Park prior to or after taking your ride! For an enjoyable family adventure visit Springs Preserve where there are botanical gardens, walking trails, wildlife habitats as well as one of the largest collections of Mojave Desert Cacti and Plants!

M&M’s Raceway

M&M’s World is located in downtown Container Park and designed as an oasis for M&M enthusiasts. Visitors can sample M&M candy of every hue under the rainbow while getting their picture taken with M&M characters! There is also a movie theater and personalized M&Ms can even be printed right inside!

Outside of shopping, family activities can include exploring the Springs Preserve botanical garden which features over 180 acres of natural habitats and archaeological areas. Other attractions include visiting the Neon Museum to see restored neon signs from Las Vegas past or learning its history at The Mob Museum.

Experience an exciting show experience at one of Cirque du Soleil’s O performances or catch one of a magic show or concert; or experience Blue Man Group performances with children cheering for knights in Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings or bobbing their heads to Jabbawockeez performances.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is an outdoor destination popular with nature enthusiasts seeking an escape from Vegas’ strip. This park’s red and pink zebra-painted rock formations, unique vistas, and slot canyons make for a fascinating view. Visitors can drive through this scenic park, hike short trails, or visit the Valley of Fire Visitor Center to gain more insight into its geology and history.

Elephant Rock, an arched rock formation that is said to resemble an elephant with some imagination; Mouse’s Tank, a natural basin named after an outlaw Paiute Indian from the 1890s who used it as a hiding spot; Rainbow Vista where visitors can witness stone cabins and white domes that look like beehives; as well as a short trail known as Mouse’s Tank Loop featuring petroglyphs are just a few highlights in the Valley of Fire park.

Atlatl Rock is another must-see attraction, boasting ancient Native American rock art depicting people and animals throwing spears with atlatls (a type of bow) attached for increased force and rotation.

Las Vegas offers a variety оf activities and experiences for visitors, from the glamour оf the Strip tо the natural beauty оf the surrounding desert. If you’re looking for a luxurious and convenient way tо travel tо Las Vegas, consider booking a private jet charter with Their Las Vegas jet charter service offers a stylish and stress-free way tо arrive іn the city, perfect for special occasions оr business trips. Once you’re іn Las Vegas, you can experience the city’s many attractions, such as the High Roller observation wheel and the Linq Promenade, оr visit museums like the Mob Museum and the Neon Museum tо learn about the city’s history. The Valley оf Fire State Park offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s bright lights and bustling streets. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, оr entertainment, Las Vegas has something for everyone.