The evil eye is a symbol dating back to 5000 BC. It has been associated with Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist cultures.

While the meaning of it has changed slightly over time and from one culture to another, it is basically a way to ward off anything bad. Today, we are seeing it used as a fashionable option when it comes to tattoos.

Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning

What does the evil eye tattoo mean? An evil eye tattoo offers protection against negativity, brings good luck and fortune, boosts self-confidence, and shows love and care for oneself and loved ones by warding off adversity. It is a powerful symbol with multiple meanings.

Anytime you consider getting a tattoo of a symbol with significance, it’s a good idea to understand the meaning connected to it before making such a big commitment. Some people are offended when others use a symbol from their culture without completely understanding its meaning.

1. Protection

An evil eye is a symbol that protects you from bad thoughts, jinxes, enemies, and illness. Wearing this symbol is said to keep others from harming you. Choosing it as a tattoo design is a wonderful way to take advantage of the fortune it brings.

2. Good Luck

Because the evil eye does such a good job of protecting you from the bad things in life, it has become a good luck charm. It’s thought to bring success and good fortune. This could explain why we are seeing more and more celebrities choose the evil eye for their own tattoo designs.

3. Self-Confidence

An evil eye tattoo is likely to boost your confidence when it comes to your decisions, desires, and actions. This comes from your belief in the good luck it provides. Once you remove your doubts, you’ll find it easier to tackle many aspects of life. This includes your career and relationships.

4. Love and Care

Not only will your evil eye tattoo protect you, but it’ll also defend your loved ones from adversity. Sporting this symbol is thought to ward off adversity for you, your family, and your dearest friends. As a result, good luck and fortune can come your way.

Evil Eye Tattoo Ideas

1. Small and Simple Evil Eye Tattoo

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Source: Xoey Barcenal Tattoo.

This is a popular choice for many who want something subtle but with meaning. While minimal in size, it still carries the same power as its larger versions. This design is perfect if you want something you can easily cover.

2. Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

Source: Pintadon Tattoo.

A Greek evil eye tattoo, also known as “mati” or “nazar,” features the traditional blue and white design often seen in Greek art and jewelry.

This is similar to the Eye of Horus found in Egyptian culture, although it differs in meaning. The Greek design provides protection against malevolent gazes and wicked intentions. The Egyptian version offers protection related to one’s health.

3. Italian Evil Eye Tattoo

Source: Makoy Tattoo.

This is also called the “malocchio.” Malocchio is a condition of unluckiness, misfortune, illness, or negative energy. The curse of Molocchio is derived from envy. Italians believe you should never brag and that the evil eye protects you against envy.

4. Evil Eye Hamsa Tattoo

Source: Miss Jojo Lu.

You’ll hear the hamsa called the “Hand of God” or the “Hand of Fate.” It includes the image of a palm with an eye in the middle of it. It’s a popular protective talisman, and it’s thought to bring happiness to those who wear it. You’ll see it done in a variety of colors and patterns.

5. Evil Eye Flower Tattoo

This attractive design features the evil eye in the center of a lotus flower. The eye provides protection, while the flower represents the ability to bloom, even in difficult situations.

6. Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo

Source: Em Reid Tattoo.

The Egyptian while eye, or the Eye of Horus, is an eye with distinct markings. It’s believed to have protected people against magical powers.

7. Evil Eye Bracelet Tattoo

Source: West 4 Tattoo.

Recently, the evil eye design has been used in jewelry designs. Your tattoo can imitate the look of jewelry by having it incorporated into a design that circles your wrist or ankle like a bracelet.

Celebrities with Evil Eye Tattoos

Many of today’s celebrities are choosing the evil eye design for their tattoos. Some simply enjoy the fashionable look, while others believe in the powers behind it.

Miley Cyrus, a celebrity who loves body art, has an evil eye tattoo inked on her right index finger. The tattoo features a simplistic black and white design, which is said to symbolize protection and warding off negative energy. Miley has never been shy about expressing her spirituality, and her choice of the evil eye tattoo reflects that.

Alexa Demie has one behind her right ear. It’s done in a deep blue with a wide outer ring surrounding the dot that forms the eye. It is used to protect her from bad luck. Her success may prove that it’s working.

Hillary Duff has an evil eye tattoo above her elbow on her left arm. The design is found within a lotus flower, and a pair of hands surround it. In addition to protecting her from bad luck, it also wards off negative energy.

Katy Perry’s evil eye is more complex in its design. The pupil of the eye has rings around it, which gives it the look of a planet. The white part includes curved lines. There’s even a tear in the corner. She chose the evil eye because it was a prominent symbol used during her “Witness” era.

Evil Eye Tattoo Placements

The evil eye is often found on the hand or wrist. You can combine it with other designs, such as the hamsa hand or a flower, to create your own unique look.

Having one evil eye finger tattoo is perfect for men or women and looks amazing when paired with hearts or stars.

Larger designs can be placed on the arm or back. This makes a bold statement, especially with the traditional Greek evil eye or a modern geometric design.

Don’t rule out the forearm, chest, or ankle either.

Evil Eye Tattoo: Bad Luck?

Is it bad to get an evil eye tattoo? There is a belief that getting an evil eye tattoo can bring bad luck or misfortune. However, this is not true. The evil eye symbol itself is actually intended to protect the wearer from negative energy, ill intentions, and bad luck.

Whether you want to ward off enemies or simply want something fashionable, the evil eye tattoo attractive and can make you feel empowered. If you feel a connection or love the look, go for it.

Keep in mind that some feel that it’s not appropriate to adopt symbols from other cultures, especially ones with deep meaning. For these individuals, an evil eye tattoo is disrespectful if it’s not part of their culture’s history. If you decide that your evil eye tattoo doesn’t resonate with your beliefs anymore, keep in mind your options to have it removed, such as San Antonio laser tattoo removal.

Can an Evil Eye Tattoo Protect You?

Evil eye tattoos are ideal for those wanting protection from bad luck. The belief is that they ward off negative energy. People’s beliefs on the subject range from superstitions to practical measures. Most simply think it’s a cool design and don’t take the superstitions behind it too seriously, but why not give it a try?

In Conclusion

The decision to get an evil eye tattoo shouldn’t be taken lightly. Consider its meaning first. If you then feel it’s a good design for you, it just might provide protection against negative energy. If not, you still have a fashionable tattoo that others will admire.

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