A La Llorona tattoo can be a unique and meaningful design that showcases a popular legend from Latin American folklore.
La Llorona, or “The Weeping Woman,” is a spirit of a woman who, according to the story, drowned her children in a river and now wanders the earth in search of their souls, crying and wailing in sorrow.

La Llorona Tattoo Meaning

What does the la Llorona tattoo mean? A La Llorona tattoo symbolizes grief, regret, loss, and the supernatural, inspired by the Latin American legend of “The Weeping Woman.” It represents a cautionary tale and a reminder of the consequences of one’s actions.

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Key la Llorona tattoo meanings include:

1. A Memento of Maternal Connection

One interpretation of the La Llorona tattoo is that it serves as a poignant symbol for a mother to remember her children, especially as they age and establish their own paths. As children mature and their lives diverge from their mother’s, this tattoo acts as a constant, visual reminder of their shared bond and memories.

2. A Reminder for Filial Responsibility

The La Llorona tattoo also implies a message designed to prompt children to frequently connect with their mothers. The tattoo may encourage children to consistently reach out to their mothers, ensuring they too remain a vivid presence in their mother’s life.

3. A Symbol of Personal Trauma

The La Llorona tattoo can symbolize a woman’s experience with a deeply traumatic event, often associated with personal loss. Despite enduring such pain, the tattoo could depict a woman’s resilient love for humanity.

4. An Emblem of Resilience and Strength

Moreover, the La Llorona tattoo can symbolize the inner strength a woman has developed from past trials. The tattoo can signify her determination to overcome adversity and carry on. It serves as a testament to her ability to endure, embodying her emotional scars and offering her the fortitude to face whatever may lie ahead.

5. A Symbol of Feminism and Protest

La Llorona is sometimes used to represent feminism or protest against child abuse and violence against women. The tattoo, bearing the image of this mournful figure, can serve as a powerful statement against these societal issues.

6. An Honor to Motherhood

The La Llorona tattoo is often adopted by mothers to celebrate their children and underscore the significance of motherhood. This tattoo serves as a perpetual tribute to the joys, challenges, and invaluable experiences of being a mother.

The Legend of la Llorona

There is a mystery behind the legend of La Llorona. La Llorona is a widely-told ghost story predominantly in Mexico and Central America. “La Llorona” means the “weeping woman”. This is why the tattoo is also widely associated with a woman’s grief.
The story tells of a beautiful woman named Maria, who, out of jealousy and anger, drowns her two children in a river after her husband loses interest in her. Overwhelmed with grief and guilt, Maria takes her own life.
Condemned for her actions, her spirit is cursed to roam the Earth, searching for her lost children while crying and wailing.
La Llorona is often depicted as a ghostly figure in white with long flowing hair. Parents use the tale as a cautionary warning, urging children not to wander near water at night.
In other stories, La Llorona appears riding a horse or a horse-drawn wagon or even in your car. She may come to warn you against bad behavior before she disappears. It is even said in some stories that an encounter with her is fatal.
The legend of La Llorona has been adapted into numerous works of art, literature, and film.

La Llorona Tattoo Designs

There are many beautiful La Llorona tattoo designs that you can consider. Here are seven popular designs to explore:

1. Portrait or Silhouette

Source: Art by Felix.
If you enjoy facial figures, a La Llorona tattoo portrait or silhouette is a great way to go. A portrait or silhouette of La Llorona creates a perfect opportunity to capture the emotion of La Llorona’s story. Additionally, portraits are a great way to memorialize important events or people in your life.

2. Crying Eyes or Tears

Source: Lydia Madrid.
In some of the legends, La Llorona is seen weeping because she was upset, resulting in her crying and crying until she dried her eyes out. This resulted in two black holes where her eyes once were. You may want a tattoo of crying eyes or tears if you want to represent past pain or deep emotion.

3. River or Water

Source: Knuckle Head Tattoo.
If you’re a fan of nature, another version of La Llorona you can get tattooed is the image of water or a river. Water carries a lot of symbolism in literature and films. In the story of La Llorona, water or the river represents death and life.

4. Traditional Art Styles

Source: May Shu.
The traditional art style of La Llorona is a great option for those who favor tattoos with bold black outlines with a limited color palette. While this art style is simple, its simplicity enables La Llorona’s story to shine through and can be one of the most impactful tattoos for women.

5. Supernatural Elements

The folklore of La Llorona leaves room for a lot of supernatural elements to be depicted in a tattoo. For example, some individuals choose to represent a weeping female spirit or even the grim reaper to represent loss.

6. Protective Symbols

Some women choose to add protective symbols to their La Llorona tattoos like a cross to ward off evil spirits. Some women may get a female figure with her arms encompassing her children as a way to protect them from the world.

7. Children or Childlike Figures

Source: Graciela Tattoo.
Another popular La Llorona tattoo includes children or childlike figures. These children are important in the tattoo because they may represent the person’s child/children.
There are many ways to create this tattoo. For instance, you may want a female figure who is holding the hands of their children. Or, you may want a tattoo where the female figure is embracing the child/children.
In most cases, this particular design is meant to highlight the bond between the mother and child.

La Llorona Tattoo Placements

There are a lot of options when it comes to tattoo placement. With that said, there are specific places where you are more likely to see the tattoo. For instance, the La Llorona tattoo is mainly seen on a female’s shoulders. However, it may be found in other areas of the body, such as around the neck, behind the ear, and upper arms. Here is some symbolism of each type of tattoo placement.


Shoulder tattoos symbolize power and bravery. This could be a good option for women who have gone through a traumatic event in their life and want to assert their power, control, and ability to move forward.

Behind the Ear

Tattoos behind the ear are considered sacred. It is often believed that images placed close to your ear mean that your life choices are guided by your faith. This could be a great and meaningful placement for your La Llorona tattoo.

Upper Arms

Tattoos on the arm are a manifestation of courage. If you’ve overcome a situation in your life or have suffered a loss, getting a La Llorona tattoo on your upper arm is a great way to show your courage.


The back offers a large canvas for a more elaborate La Llorona tattoo, incorporating multiple elements like ghostly figures, rivers, and protective symbols. This placement provides privacy and can be covered by clothing when desired.


A thigh tattoo allows for a larger and more detailed design, while also being easily concealable. La Llorona tattoos on the thigh can include intricate portraits, traditional art styles, and supernatural elements for a striking personal statement.

La Llorona Tattoo Cost

Generally, small to medium-sized La Llorona tattoos may range from $100 to $400, while larger, intricate designs can cost upwards of $500 or more.
To be deatiled, the cost of your La Llorona tattoo will depend on several factors. Things like size, complexity, body placement, coloring, and the level of experience of the artist are all significant factors.

  • Size: One of the most important factors that contribute to tattoo cost is the size of the tattoo. Larger tattoos are more time-consuming, which will naturally cost a lot more.
  • Complexity: Another contributing factor is the complexity of the tattoo design. A simple tattoo like a silhouette isn’t as complex as creating a more realistic tattoo. With that said, the more complex the tattoo design is, the longer it will take to complete.
  • Color: Color is another thing to consider when determining cost. Choosing a full-color tattoo will increase the complexity of the design. Additionally, full color has more stylistic choices, which leads to a more complex tattoo. On the other hand, a black and gray tattoo will be a more simple tattoo job.
  • Artist Experience: Your tattoo artist’s experience level will also play a huge role in the cost of your tattoo. Choosing a more popular tattoo artist will naturally cost more. On the other hand, choosing a new tattoo artist will typically come at a lower cost.

Shoud You Get a la Llorona Tattoo?

La Llorona has many stories with very powerful meanings. If you’ve done your research on La Llorona and feel that the story behind it resonates with you, then getting the tattoo is a good decision. If you decide to get this tattoo, be sure to think about what type of image you would like to depict in your tattoo.
Additionally, think about whether you want to add color to your tattoo or whether you would like for it to be in black and white. Other things to think about include where you would like to place your tattoo and what size you would like.


It’s essential to take care of the tattoo during the healing stage. Always consult a healthcare professional if you notice any signs of infection. Here are some tips to help you care for your tattoo:

  1. Keep the bandage on: Your artist will typically cover your new tattoo with a bandage or plastic wrap. Keep this on for the recommended time, usually between 2 to 24 hours. Follow your artist’s specific instructions on when to remove the bandage.
  2. Gently clean the tattoo: After removing the bandage, wash your hands thoroughly and then gently clean the tattoo with (lukewarm) water and fragrance-free soap. Use your fingers to gently rub the area, removing any blood, ink, or ointment. Do not use a washcloth, sponge, or any abrasive materials.
  3. Pat dry: Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean, disposable paper towel. Do not rub the area, as this can cause irritation.
  4. Apply a thin layer of ointment: Use a recommended tattoo aftercare ointment or a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic lotion to keep the tattoo moisturized. Apply a thin layer to the tattoo, avoiding over-saturating the area. Over-moisturizing can hinder the healing process.
  5. Keep it clean and moisturized: Clean and moisturize the tattoo at least twice a day, or as recommended by your tattoo artist, for the first two weeks. Always wash your hands before touching the tattoo.
  6. Avoid soaking and sun exposure: During the healing process, avoid soaking your tattoo in water. This means avoiding baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. Also, protect the tattoo from direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause the ink to fade and damage the skin.
  7. Avoid picking and scratching: As your tattoo heals, it will likely scab and become itchy. Do not pick at or scratch the tattoo, as this can lead to ink loss and scarring.
  8. Wear loose clothing: To prevent irritation and friction on the tattoo, wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing over the tattooed area during the healing process.
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