Tattoos are a fun and creative way to express yourself and decorate your body. You may get a tattoo to symbolize something or someone that’s important to you. You may also get a tattoo simply because you like the design. One of the most popular tattoo designs to get is an arrow. Learn more about arrow tattoo meanings, placements, and more.

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Arrow Tattoo Meaning

What does an arrow tattoo mean? Arrow tattoos can represent triumph after struggle, peace after conflict, moving forward, starting a new chapter, and protection.

1. Triumph After Struggle

Arrow tattoos can often symbolize success and triumph after hardships, obstacles, and struggles. If you have gone through many challenges and have since achieved peace or your personal goals, an arrow tattoo could showcase that journey.

2. Peace After Conflict

Keep in mind, arrows are a weapon, often associated with war. Therefore, an arrow tattoo can also symbolize peace after conflict. The arrow has been used as a tool to fight and protect, ultimately helping contribute to resolution and the end of a battle.

3. Moving Forward

In the luxurious world of tattoo art, where every design tells a story, the arrow becomes a symbol of direction, purpose, and strength. Whether delicately placed behind the ear or boldly along the forearm, arrow tattoos serve as a reminder to stay focused on your path and always strive forward. Just as players navigate the twists and turns of fate in the Dino Casino mini-game, so too do people navigate life’s journey using symbols like the arrow to guide them through the uncertainties of chance and luck. In the digital realm of the dino myStake сasino mini-game, players are immersed in a world where luck and strategy are intertwined. And yet in both worlds there is an undeniable allure, a magnetic pull that draws people towards adventure and excitement, whether through spinning reels or tattooed on their skin.

Arrows feature a point at the end, leading in a specific direction. As a result, arrow tattoos can also symbolize moving forward. This meaning could resonate with you if you’re focused on moving on, looking ahead, and pushing forward in your life.

4. Starting a New Chapter

Similar to the idea of moving forward, arrows can also symbolize a fresh start or a new chapter. After focusing on the road ahead, you’re able to start something new in your life. This could mean ending a relationship, starting a new one, starting a family, making a huge career change, or something else impactful.

5. Protection

Arrow tattoos can also symbolize protection. You may get an arrow inked on your skin if you want to ward off evil, protect against good luck, or channel strength and confidence as you move through life. Arrows get this meaning based on their use as a weapon and tool to survive.

Arrow Tattoo Designs and Ideas

If you’re wondering about different variations of arrow tattoos, consider some popular designs. Each of them has their own meaning. However, your arrow tattoo can ultimately mean whatever you want it to.

1. Bow and Arrow Tattoos

Source: Simya Tattoo.

Bow and arrow tattoos usually showcase an arrow knocked into a bow, ready to be shot forward. The arrow may be pulled back or just sitting in the bow.

Bow and Arrow Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo symbolizes strength and motivation to push forward. It may also symbolize protection.

2. Heart With Arrow Tattoo

Source: tintamarciana.

Common heart and arrow tattoos are a heart with an arrow pierced through it or an arrow bent into the shape of a heart. These symbolize love and desire. This connects to images of Cupid who shoots an arrow to make people fall in love.

3. Broken Arrow Tattoo

Source: Laidback Lines.

Broken arrow tattoos can be a single arrow broken in half with a small space between the two pieces. Or, it can be an arrow broken in half with one piece crossed over the other.

Broken Arrow Tattoo Meaning

Broken arrows symbolize putting differences aside, ending conflict, and seeking resolution. The battle is being called off and both parties are hoping to move forward in peace.

4. Green Arrow Tattoo

A green arrow tattoo can be an arrow in the color green or it can be a reference to a fictional character. Green arrow tattoos symbolize moving forward. However, you may also get a green arrow tattoo to show your love for the The Green Arrow comic.

5. Small Arrow Tattoo

Source: Nnnnnnnnnnnnnia.

Arrow tattoos can be very small and delicate. Their meaning is still the same, serving as a sign of protection or moving forward. If you get a smaller arrow tattoo, it may just be a simple reminder to yourself that you don’t want to be prominent.

6. Geometric Arrow Tattoos

Source: Daniel Nabil Ink.

Geometric arrow tattoos have become a popular trend in recent years. They allow you to take a common symbol and incorporate your own touches. The arrow itself may have geometric lines and shapes within it or there may be shapes and lines around the outskirts of the arrow. Geometric arrow designs symbolize balance, symmetry, peace and harmony.

7. Native American Arrow Tattoos

Source: Yair Malasuerte.

Arrows are a prominent symbol in Native American culture. They are often feathered arrows or arrows with chiseled stone tips. These tattoos can look highly realistic with a focus on shading and detail. In Native American tribal culture, arrows are a symbol of strength and protection. They can also symbolize conflict and peace.

8. Arrow Spine Tattoo

Source: Kolej Tattoo.

A spine arrow tattoo is an arrow inked down the center of your back along your spine. It’s usually long and straight without a bow. Spine arrow tattoos can mean strength, independence, and perseverance.

9. Arrow and Flower Tattoo

Source: Necro Noir.

Arrow tattoos may be designed with flowers like a rose or a lotus flower. The arrow may go through the flower, the flower may serve as the body of the arrow, or a flower may just sit next to the arrow.

Arrow and Flower Tattoo Meaning

An arrow and flower tattoo can symbolize a contrast between masculinity (the arrow) and femininity (the flower).

A lotus and arrow tattoo have an even deeper meaning, associated with Buddhism. Lotus flowers are a Buddhist symbol of purity, so the tattoo highlights your desire to move through life with a pure mind, body, and spirit.

10. Feather Arrow Tattoos

Source: dannymacktatts.

Feather arrow tattoos are arrows with flowing feathers at the end. Feather arrow tattoos symbolize being strong and steady, despite the obstacles you may face. Feather components help arrows maintain their aim and fly ahead despite changes in the wind.

11. Four-Chevron Arrow Tattoos

Another arrow tattoo design you may see is four chevron marks arranged together to look like an arrow. This is a common tattoo for highly ranked officials. Three chevrons is a lower rank with two chevrons even lower.

12. Finger Arrow Tattoos

Finger arrow tattoos are usually placed along the side of your finger pointing toward the fingertip. You may get one as a symbol of love and commitment. You may also get one as a symbol of motivation and ambition.

13. Crossed Arrow Tattoos

A crossed arrow tattoo is a tattoo with two arrows crossed over one another to form the shape of an X. They are common matching tattoos to get, so you may get one with your partner or best friend. These tattoos symbolize trust, friendship, and a strong bond.

Celebrities With Arrow Tattoos

Miley Cyrus has a small crossed-arrow tattoo on the back of her arm, , symbolizing friendship. It was inked by tattoo artist Kat Von D.

Apart from Miley Cyrus, there are many other celebrities, both male and female, who have arrow tattoos:

  • Nick and Joe Jonas have matching arrow tattoos across the back of their biceps.
  • Ant McPartlin has a long arrow tattoo from his elbow to his wrist.
  • Rita Ora has a bow and arrow tattoo behind her ear.
  • Ryan Phillippe has an intricate Native American arrow tattoo on his forearm with geometric lines and circles.
  • Johnny Depp has a broken arrow tattoo in his wrist.
  • Bea Miller has a heart with an arrow tattoo on her hand.
  • Lea Michele has a small arrow tattoo on her middle finger.
  • Lili Reinhart has a simple arrow tattoo on the back of her arm.
  • Miranda Lambert has a traditional arrow tattoo on the side of her right hand.

Arrow Tattoo Placements

Arrow tattoos can be placed on various body parts depending on the desired visibility and personal preference. Popular placements include the wrist, forearm, shoulder, and back.

  • Along your finger
  • Down your spine
  • On your forearm pointing toward your hand
  • Down the back of your arm pointing toward your elbow
  • On your foot pointing to your toes
  • Wrapped around your bicep
  • Wrapped around your ankle
  • Across your collarbone
  • Across your wrist from side to side

Arrow Tattoo Pros and Cons

Arrow tattoos, with their deep symbolism, offer a multitude of pros. They represent triumph, movement, and protection. However, interpretation can vary, leading to potential cons of miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Some potential pros of getting an arrow tattoo include:

  • It’s easy to get as a big or a small design
  • There are numerous placement options
  • They are a visually friendly linear design
  • You can add other details like flowers, lines, and geometric shapes
  • They look good in color or in grayscale
  • The design is timeless
  • It has rich symbolism

Some potential cons of getting an arrow tattoo include:

  • They’re a tattoo many other people have
  • The meaning may not resonate with you
  • It has to be done by a good tattoo artist to ensure it’s straight
  • It may have limited design options since there usually isn’t much to be colored in or shaded

Final Thoughts About Arrow Tattoos

Arrows are a popular tattoo design that many people have. If you’re thinking about getting an arrow tattoo, think about what they symbolize and if it resonates with you. If it does, or if you simply love the design, consider all of the different placement options and how you can design your arrow tattoo to be unique.

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