Have you ever seen a tattoo of a scantily-clad, demonic-looking woman (often with wings, fangs, claws, or horns)? If so, chances are good it was a succubus tattoo.

These dark and dramatic tattoos are a great way to show off your dark side, and when done by a capable tattoo artist, they can look incredibly realistic.

What is a Succubus Tattoo?

A succubus tattoo portrays a female sex demon. They often will have glowing eyes, bat wings, devil tails, horns, or any number of demonic features. Many also are portrayed in seductive poses.

You can typically identify one of these tattoos fairly easily: succubi are usually portrayed as being glamorous and voluptuous.

Succubus Tattoo Meaning

What does a succubus tattoo mean? In general, the succubus tattoo means female sexuality and power. A succubus is a female demon who seduces men and then drains their life force  1 deposit casino nz.com .

That being said, this tattoo has different meanings for different people. Here are some of the possible meanings behind these tattoos:

  • It represents female sexuality and power.
  • It’s a show of confidence and an indicator of your wild side.
  • It shows that you aren’t afraid to defy societal expectations.
  • It’s a symbol of your interest in gothic or fantasy literature or movies.

To be detailed, the succubus appears in the mythology of many different cultures.

Usually, a succubus is a female demon who seduces men and then drains their life force. Lilith, the most famous original succubus, appears in multiple mythologies.

Greek: Lilith (called “Lamia” in Greek myth) was a beautiful woman who caught the eye of the god Zeus. Goddess Hera became jealous and turned Lamia into a monster, and Lamia then roamed the world, eating babies and seducing men.

Jewish/Christian: Lilith was intended to be Adam’s wife before Eve. However, Lilith rejected Adam, instead choosing to procreate with demons. The resulting children, called lilim, grew up and became succubi.

Sumerian: Lilith (called “Lilitu”) was the goddess of witchcraft and fertility. Later on, she was also associated with demons.

Variations of succubi have also appeared in medieval folklore as well as the folklore of civilizations across the world.

In more modern times, succubi have been included in gothic literature as well as science fiction and fantasy novels.

Variant: Succubus Womb Tattoo (Hentai)

You might also be interested in getting a variation called a succubus womb tattoo. Generally, these tattoos are in the shape of a womb flanked by demon wings.

Source: Amanda Toast.

Succubus Womb Tattoo Meaning

The succubus womb tattoo may have originated in hentai (Japanese erotic animation). In hentai, female characters who exude extreme sexuality often have these tattoos.

A succubus womb tattoo is also a good choice if you like the idea of a succubus but want a simpler design.

Succubus Tattoo Designs

A succubus tattoo offers you plenty of ideas to get creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Demonic Succubus Tattoo

If you want to really make sure your succubus tattoo looks demonic, you can go all-out with this design. You can include an open mouth with sharp teeth, wings, and even a ram’s horns.

2. Sexy (Nude) Succubus Tattoo

If you want to showcase your female sexuality and power and indicate your wild side. A sexy succubus tattoo is a great choice.

Source: Duddi Bunny.

3. Anime Succubus Tattoo

Source: Lined Up.

4. Succubus Womb Tattoo

There are several different ways you can design this one. One way is to get a womb tattoo and add devilish bat wings on either side. If that’s not enough, consider adding horns and a tail!

Source: Dương Mộng Đình.

If you love Japanese animation, a hentai-style succubus (especially a full-color one) can be a lot of fun. You can even give your tattooed succubus a womb tattoo of her own!

5. Succubus in Hell

If you want to include a background, consider getting a tattoo of a succubus surrounded by flames. This look will make your tattoo look especially devilish!

6. Ultra-Realistic Succubus Tattoo

You can put an interesting twist on your succubus tattoo by getting a portrait that looks like a real person. From there, you can add horns or glowing eyes to indicate that she’s actually a succubus.

Succubus Tattoo Placement

There’s no wrong way to place a tattoo. But especially in the case of a succubus womb tattoo, the lower belly is a popular placement.

Some people also opt to place succubus tattoos on areas of the body associated with sexuality like the hips or thighs.

If you want your tattoo to be more easily seen on a daily basis, consider placing it on your upper arm.

But if you want a larger tattoo, it’s important to place it somewhere where the artist will have plenty of space to work! Your back and ribs are good examples, but it’s always helpful to consult with your tattoo artist before deciding on placement.

Should You Get a Succubus Tattoo?

Only you can make this decision. But thanks to the different ways succubi are portrayed in various cultures, it may be wise to consider some of the pros and cons.


  • It can help you express confidence and desirability.
  • Well-done succubus tattoos are visually interesting and unique.
  • It can symbolize power.


  • It’s often seen as representing death, destruction, or the draining of life force.
  • In some cultures, succubus is associated with torture.
  • Though the sexual nature of the tattoo can be appealing to some, others view the succubus as a sexual predator.


It’s essential to take care of the tattoo during the healing stage. Always consult a healthcare professional if you notice any signs of infection. Here are some tips to help you care for your tattoo:

  1. Keep the bandage on: Your artist will typically cover your new tattoo with a bandage or plastic wrap. Keep this on for the recommended time, usually between 2 to 24 hours. Follow your artist’s specific instructions on when to remove the bandage.
  2. Gently clean the tattoo: After removing the bandage, wash your hands thoroughly and then gently clean the tattoo with (lukewarm) water and fragrance-free soap. Use your fingers to gently rub the area, removing any blood, ink, or ointment. Do not use a washcloth, sponge, or any abrasive materials.
  3. Pat dry: Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean, disposable paper towel. Do not rub the area, as this can cause irritation.
  4. Apply a thin layer of ointment: Use a recommended tattoo aftercare ointment or a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic lotion to keep the tattoo moisturized. Apply a thin layer to the tattoo, avoiding over-saturating the area. Over-moisturizing can hinder the healing process.
  5. Keep it clean and moisturized: Clean and moisturize the tattoo at least twice a day, or as recommended by your tattoo artist, for the first two weeks. Always wash your hands before touching the tattoo.
  6. Avoid soaking and sun exposure: During the healing process, avoid soaking your tattoo in water. This means avoiding baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. Also, protect the tattoo from direct sunlight, as UV rays can cause the ink to fade and damage the skin.
  7. Avoid picking and scratching: As your tattoo heals, it will likely scab and become itchy. Do not pick at or scratch the tattoo, as this can lead to ink loss and scarring.
  8. Wear loose clothing: To prevent irritation and friction on the tattoo, wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing over the tattooed area during the healing process.
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